Bhel Puri

Sev Puri

Dahi Puri

Ragda Puri

Puri Station

Station of bhel puri, dahi puri, sev puri, ragda puri,...

Samosa Station

Veg Sandwich

Bombay Sandwich

Crazy Burger

Pizza Bomb

Paneer Frankie


Rolled arbi leaves with spread flour paste.

Cheese Corn Balls

Corn and cheese stuffed balls fried in oil topped with...


Papdi Lot

Steamed spicy rice flour with green chilies and seasoning.


Thick gram flour paste topped with grated coconut, chili and...


Cake batter like chickpea flour steamed and topped with oil,...

Nylon Khaman

Extra soaked spongy khaman with oil, jalape?os, coconut, and coriander.

Batata Poha

Flattened rice mixed with potatoes, onions, seasoning and coriander.

Masala Mogo

Fried yuka mixed with spicy seasonings.


Steamed rice batter cooked with spices.

Sandwich Dhokla

Steamed rice batter with a filling of spicy mint sauce.

Corn Veggie Kabab

Corn and potateos fried in batter.

Bulbul Vada

Deep fried batter soaked.

Bread Puva Cutlets

Boiled potatoes topped with poha and fried.


Deep fried beets and potatoes cutlets .

Semolina Buns

Semolina flour mixed with spices and deep fried, garnished with...

Ragda Patties

Crispy potatoes topped with white peas curry, vegetables and sauce.

Lilva Kachori

Spicy green peas stuffed in crispy pastry.


Spinach mixed and fried in batter served in sauce.

Veg Pakora

Multi vegetable fried fritters served with sauce.

Crispy Gobi

Fried cauliflower seasoned with spices.


Fried pastry filled with potateos and peas served with sauce.

Hara Bhara Kabab

Fried potateos and spinach fritters served with sauce.

Pav Bhaji

Mixed vegetables curry served with side of bread.

Ratlami Bhaji

Mixed vegetable curry topped with sev.

Chole Puri

Chickpeas curry served with fried puri.

Vada Pav

Deep fried potatoes fritter placed in bread and sauce.

Bataka Vada

Deep fried potatoes served with sweet and spicy sauce.


Boiled potatoes mixed with seasoning served in bread.

Vegetable Bhajiya

Shredded vegetable fried in batter served with sauce.

Mix Pakora

Multi vegetable fried fritters served with sauce.

Pani Puri

Crispy fried hollow ball filled with potatoes, sauce and mint...

Sev Usal

Dried peas curry topped with vegetables and sev.

Paneer Sizzlers

Cottage cheese cubes with bellpeppers, spices and sauces.

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