Tadka Undiyu

Sev Dungri

Maharaja Shaak

Vatana Fanshi

Simple curry of green peas and french beans.

Rajwadi Shaak

Spicy curry made up of small peppers and vegetables.

Vegetable Korma

Aromatic vegetable curry that contains peas, carrots, and french beans.

Vegetable Jalfrezi

Veggies and paneer tossed in a spicy and tangy curry.

Shahi Paneer

Royal based dish with paneer cooked in yogurt based gravy.

Achari Paneer

Pickled cottage cheese curry made with cashew nut paste.

Achari Aloo

Roasted potatoes with pickling spices to make tangy and spicy...

Mutter Paneer Lili Hardar

Peas and paneer in tomato based curry turmeric and yogurt...

Methi Mutter Malai

Fresh fenugreek leaves with green peas in mild spicy and...

Paneer Masala

Tomato based gravy with small cottage cheese cubes.

Paneer Bhurji

Shredded paneers in tomato and onion gravy.

Palak Paneer

Boiled spinach sauteed in onion gravy.

Paneer Buttermasala

Cottage cheese cubes in thick tomato gravy with heavy amounts...

Cheese Buttermasala

Cottage cheese cubes in tomato gravy with butter and garnished...

Mix Vegetable

Sauteed mixed vegetables tossed in oil and spices.

Paneer Makhni

Cottage cheese cubes in thick tomato gravy.

Malai Kofta

Fried balls of potatoes dunked in tomato gravy.

Mix Vegetable Paneer Makhni

Cooked cottage cheese cubed with mixed vegetables in tomato cream.

Kaju Karela

Tender bitter-gourd and cashewnut stir fry and spices.

Kaju Koya

Fried cashew nut in rich, creamy, and mildly spiced gravy.

Aloo Gobi

Fried potatoes and cauliflowers saut?ed in seasoning.

Stuffed Marcha

Long green chilis stuffed with tangy spices.

Dum Aloo

Boiled baby potatoes cooked on low flavored heat to set...


Red kidney beans served in a thick gravy.

Aloo Shimla Mirchi

Green bell peppers and cooked potatoes coated in simple curry...

Dry Potato Shabzi

Basic dry textured potato curry flavored with spices.

Corn Tindora

Dry style curry of ivy gourd and sweet corn.

Baingan Bharta

Fire roasted baby eggplants that are stuffed with masala.

Kaju Curry

Rich, creamy curry on the sweeter side made with whole...

Lasanya Bataka

Garlic and chili flavored potato curry.


Gujarati fresh vegetable curry made with dhokli muthiya.

Kathiyvadi Undhiyu

Surti undhiyu made with root vegetables, fresh beans, and seasonal...

Tuver Papdi Muthiya

Surti papdi and tuver lilva mixed curry.

Turiya Patra

Spicy and tangy curry made with ridge gourd and steamed...

Bell Peppercurry(Punjabi)

Mixed Indian bell pepper curry served in made to taste...


Boiled chickpeas mixed with onions and seasoning to create creamy...

Bataka Vatana

Boiled potateos and green peas mixed with seasonings.

Methi Bataka Sukhibhaji

Dried fenugreek leaves mixed with potatoes.


Field beans curry in gravy.

Dudhi Chana

Combination of bottlegourd and lentils.

Cut Bhindi

Bite size okra cooked with spices.

Shahi Bhindi

Flavorful okra in a rich creamy gravy.

Masala Bhindi

Long desi okra stuffed and tossed with homemade mix masala.

Tuver Papdi

Lilva papdi mixed with pigeon peas with added seasoning.


Fried ivy gourd tossed in seasoning.

Ringhan Bataka

Baby eggplant and potatoes added to a sauce like gravy.

Mix Kathor

Moong beans, black chickpeas, red kidney beans, pigeon peas and...

Yellow Dal

Deep fried cauliflower mixed with spicy sauce.

Paneer Kolapuri

Kolhapuri style spicy cottage cheese gravy recipe.

Tuver Ringhan

Spiced baby eggplants and pigeon peas curry.

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